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Throwing up every morning
SeanBreezy posted:
When I was 12 years old I had a scope put down my throat and they told me I had GERD. I never really took the rules of eating to heart. About 7 months ago I started throwing up every morning. it ranged from full on explosion type of throwing up to throwing up just bile or spit. lately in the morning I will feel nauseated and when I go to throw up its just alot of spit and dry heaving. I have no idea whats wrong.
CalGal37 responded:
Sean, I'd suggest you go to your doc and request some testing be done to find out the cause of the nausea/throwing up. You also need to find out the current state of your esophagus. If you're finding bile, make sure the doc also checks out your gallbladder along with everything else.
kindness54 responded:
Hi, sean!

Obviously, Sean, you still have "GERD" and it probably is getting worse!! That's why the throwing up just bile, etc.

Go to a good "GASTROENTEROLOGIST" at a hospital or private and have them test you again.

I'll bet that is what the problem is.

Try some "PEPCID A/C" Sean. See if that helps in the meantime. I used to have GERD, but, because of much "STOMACH CANCER" that they have found that Prilosec and Protonix is causing, I will not take those any longer. Insrtead, I take the PEPCID A/C. It does help me. I still would go to the doctor though. Ok?

Take care and good luck. Sue

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