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Feel Nauseous When Laying Down
nnhoodpitt posted:
I'm going for a CT Scan in a couple days to try and figure out what's going on, but has anyone with GERD experienced nausea when laying down?

It really stinks because I'm okay most of the day because I'm up and doing things, but when I'm siting in bed and I lean forward or if I lay flat on my back this wave of nausea comes over me.

So I've been stacking pillows behind me and sitting upright and trying to sleep that way.

So far I've had a rectal exam that was normal, no blood in stool, went to a urologist today because I have had kidney stones before. No problem with urine... she's the one who scheduled the CT scan. I have a family history of polyps in the colon, but I get screened every five years for that and will be getting screened again soon. Nov. would be 5 years, but I'm not even waiting till then.

Could an ulcer generate this kind of nausea? I was thinking perhaps GERD because when I would lay down, maybe the stomach acid is rising... not sure though.

Thanks for any help.

GelflingLady responded:
Nausea when laying down was a HUGE issue for me before I knew what was going on. I wasn't able to be horizontal for any reason, and even a slight recline was a problem for a while. Even now, with medication, I still have some issues when lying down (I have slept on a recliner about 95% of the time over the past few months). However in your situation, if this is all you are experiencing, I wouldn't automatically chalk it up to full-blown GERD. I would ask about acid reflux first.
kindness54 responded:

You need to see a "GASTROENTEROLOGIST" for the stomach area! It sounds like a hiatal hernia or "GERD"......"Acid Reflux." Place 2.....3" blocks of wood under the feet of the bed where you place your head only. It will tip the bed, just enough to have the acid come back down rather than "up" where it should not be.

You do need though to see a GASTROENTEROLOGIST though. Also......try some "PEPCID A/C" over-the-counter and see if THAT helps you at all. If it does, then more than likely it IS "GERD."

Take care and good luck. Sue
Lanikaj responded:
I'm not a doctor but that could be possible, I have GERD also and have unfortunately lived with it for over 10 years and im still waiting for the right doctor to put me on the right medicine to ease the pain. GERD has become a part of my life I think about my stomach everyday because it bothers me one way or another on a daily basis. I also have to sleep with at least 5 pillows, I watch what I eat everyday even foods that didn't give me any problems in the past could began to bother me suddenly. Sometimes I think that my stomach condition isnt GERD but who am I to say. Weird things happen to me. For example, I would be alright lying down until I fall asleep. As soon as my body began to relax and I've just fallin asleep, not even for a minute I am awaken with a strong urge to vomit. But I could lay in that same position awake and watch TV with no problem. I hope everything is ok, Take care of yourself.
TVSBBS replied to Lanikaj's response:
OMG Lanikaj I have the exact same problem for the past 5 years and you are the only post Ive found that descibes me,

I went to the ER last night as the nauseusness has gotten to the point anytime I start to drift off laying or even sitting now. I am immediatly awoke from nauseasness. People have tried to peg me as sleep apnea but I finally got it though their heads it was not that.

Anyways after a cat scan, checst xray and blood work I was found to have severe GERD. Als gallstones. I am totally surprised as I thought it was diverticulitus. Which I also found I have but the pockets are not infectious so its not that

Anyways, no amoount f pillows now stop the feeling nr does being awake stop it. I dont know what to do but its unbearable,
spotts82 replied to Lanikaj's response:
I too get this nausea and its fine if im not actually asleep. but once ive fallen asleep if i wake up its extreme nausea. has anyone figured this out? Im desperate!
mystomachhurts responded:
Hello! I know this was posted 3 years ago and I thought maybe you got your problem solved and you could help mine. I'm a 13 year old girl and this morning when I woke up I had a huge stomach ache with a lot of nausea and it felt like my stomach was bloated. It's my summer vacation and I wanted to sleep in because I'm exhausted but I can't because of my stomach. I went to the bathroom and felt great after that so I go back to bed and lay down and get the same feeling again so I sit up and don't feel sick anymore but now I can't sleep because I'm sitting up. This could be caused by last nights dinner I have no idea but any methods you used to get rid of this? Btw everyone's sleeping in my house and I don't want to wake anyone up so I can't go to my parents. Please help!
mystomachhurts responded:
Or 6 years ago but whatever

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