Omega Fish Oil, alt. to swallowing?
matt2b26 posted:
I have heard that Omega Fish oil is good for Crohn's. I recently got some and they come in the gelcap form. I unfortunately cannot swallow pills. The following question is not meant to be a joke and please don't criticize me for it. Just give an honest opinion. Can these Fish Oil gelcaps be given rectally and still provide the nutrients given as if taken orally? Could they damage you over the long term from taking them like that? Thank you very much in advance!
CalGal37 responded:
There are some studies suggesting that rectally applied fish oil (Omega 3) do help the tissues locally, expecially in those with U.C. But there don't appear to be studies suggesting that the local application does anything systemically for a disease like Crohns in the small bowel.
TrudyGERD responded:
Another option is to take the old fashion liquid stuff. They do make some with flavourings making it more palatable or you could mix it with a tbsp of peanutbutter every morning (lots of mixing required, but you will end up with something edible).
arbob2 responded:
I have trouble swallowing some pills, the bigger, "rougher outside coating" ones, but I take Omega 3 every day and those gelcaps go down nice and easy. I can take them by themselves, or if I have a mouthful of food, I just take one with the food too. Have you tried that?
sheba_q responded:
Some of us just can't swallow pills. For me it doesn't matter how small/smooth/etc the pill is - I just can't swallow it. When I have to I'll chew a pill, which really isn't my preference - they tend to taste really nasty. I try to get chewable, liquid or powder meds and supplements whenever possible.