Got my diagnosis
mattdamonishot posted:
it is definitely UC. i was put on Asacol and have to take 12 pills per day!! Wow!! I couldn't believe how many I ahve to take!!! Any advice on thsi med???Has it worked for you??
arbob2 responded:
12 a day is a lot, but I'm sure your doctor will lower the dose eventually. I'm on Lialda, which is also mesalamine. It has helped me some, more when I first started on it a year ago, I take 4 a day, but now it seems like I'm almost immune to it. I wonder if this is possible. Anyone out there have any ideas about this? I saw my GI last week and he wants to try me in mesalamine drug, which is a time release capsule. I can't remember the name but it starts with an "A" not Asacol. At any rate, my insurance doesn't cover it. So, for a 90 days supply, it would cost me almost a grand. I can't afford that because we're retired and on a fixed income. lialda is also expensive, but I get samples from the doctor and that helps tremendously. Whether I will get samples of this other drug is beyond me. That's about the only way I'll be able to use it. We'll see.

I've had diarrhea for almost 2 years, with a brief remission here and there, but that's because of high dose prednisone. I started at 40 mg. and then slowly tapered it. When I get down to 10 mg. I get a big time flare. So it's upped again and then gradually lowered again and again and again. Luckily I don't have the side effects from prednisone that so many have. That is, other than the bruising. I barely have to bump my arm, and I mean BARELY, and bingo, a bruise.

Hopefully, for your sake, the Asacol will help you. Let us know how you're doing, ok?
LATH_Aches responded:
I take a time released mesalamine drug and it is called Apriso. I can't tell if they are doing me any good because I've never had any digestive tract symptoms. I just have these darn body aches that are difficult to compare over time.
misskirk responded:
I'm 21 F. diagnosed with UC 8/09 after two moderate flare ups.. was on cripo/ flagal and sulfasalazine .... all 3 pills 3 times daily.. then that switched to asacol 9 pills a day.. helped out withe bathroom trips almost too much, to where I'd go 2 days without one.. so went down to 6 pills a day, then had a mild flare and now back to 9 pills a day. my GI has me on a high fiber diet... Overall I like the Asacol, but hasn't done much for my body & joint aches. Been on it for almost 8 months and have gained 35lbs.. not sure if its directly linked, but has been a major concern for me!! How is it doing for you? is it working??? i hope so!!
navi_1101 responded:
my uncle is a GI and he said that its because peoples?body's become immune to the med over time so they keep?upping the dose till it stops working thin they will move you to a new drug with a lower dose. If they put you on 12 pills a day then I will bet they will not even be?prescribing it in a few months from now.
when i was diagnosed with UC back 06 the med they prescribed wanted me to take 9 pills a day, now its not even on the list of?medications?used by people with UC. ?????