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Stomach pain after eating shrimp
sand_dollar posted:
I ate some shrimp a few days ago and had some stomach pain the next day. It is occurring on my left side around the lower ribcage area. I am traveling in Thailand and initially thought it was due to some spoiled seafood. I was worried about hepatitis, but I don't feel nausea. I tried some antacid and that helped a little. I still feel bloated after eating just a little bit of food.

I did seem to have a slight fever but it doesn't seem too bad (just slightly tired).

Should I visit a doctor and if so, what tests can they do? I read that Hepatitis A usually goes away after a few weeks, though I think it is something else. Should I just try some antacid and see what happens? There was some charcoal pills that the pharmacist here said I can try.
teddybear200 responded:
I am not a Dr or Nurse so I can't tell you what to take but I can tell you what happened to me.

A few years ago I ate shrimp and the same happened to me got a lot of pain - cramps - was sick and low grade temperature. It past a couple days later, I thought it was bad shrimp.

A short time later I was invited out to Red Lobster for dinner and had shrimp again. This time within 4 hrs of eating the same symptoms but worse I went to the ER. Was admitted thinking it was food poisoning found out I had an allergy to Shellfish.

I was so scared I never ate fish again until last year. I thought it meant all fish - my friend told me it was okay eat like tuna, salmon, and fish not shrimp, lobster, crab or anything that had a hard shell on it.

So if I can offer anything it would be for you to go to an allergist and have them run some tests. I did and I am glad I did.
sand_dollar replied to teddybear200's response:
Thanks for the response. I think I am probably allergic to shellfish to some extent. I don't usually eat shellfish since it seems somewhat rich in some ingredient that doesn't go well with me. I do enjoy tuna and salmon though. I really enjoy the taste of all types of fish.

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