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Diarrhea mostly during sleep
1regina1 posted:
May times I have uncontrlabl leaks of mostly water. When using the bathroom, i seems like a waterfall. I am taking fiber subs but there does not seem to help.
Any ideas or suggestions to have healthy bowl movements?
earthtonegirl responded:
Regina, have you seen a doctor about this? Have you been diagnosed at all? IBS doesn't typically cause problems at night, so that's something your doctor should hear about.
jenniferlona replied to earthtonegirl's response:
I agree with earthtonegirl - are you sure it's from your bowels? I know that sounds weird... but so does leaking waterfalls in the middle of the night. Good luck!
1regina1 replied to earthtonegirl's response:
Thank for the reply. Yes, I have seen a Dr and all he told me is use more fiber, which I'm very aware of. I;m even taking supplements for fiber.
Does not happen every night but theonly way to control it seems to be immodium, but the Dr tells me that i not a good idea.
earthtonegirl replied to 1regina1's response:
Ugh, doctors just looooove to tell you "Eat more fiber" and send you on your way. It's not very helpful. Especially since I rarely hear of doctors telling patients which KIND of fiber. Insoluble fiber - what you may think of as "roughage" - doesn't help very much, and can actually be problematic. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a sort of gel in your digestive tract - this helps even out both diarrhea and constipation. There's a more detailed explanation at where she talks about the diet recommendations (I wouldn't say it's necessary to buy any of the products she's selling, though I have heard good things about the acacia fiber). That site also has some good tips on what foods help & harm for IBS.

You haven't given a lot of details, but I'm not entirely convinced what you're describing fits "IBS" though. Have you considered seeing a gastroenterologist? If it's been going on for a while, you shouldn't have trouble getting a referral. Also, if you're getting a lot of watery diarrhea, that may mean an infection of some sort.
LilMissMerrySunshine replied to earthtonegirl's response:
All doctors should get a raging case of diarrhea early in their careers and have random other docs hand them stupid prescriptions and tell them to eat fiber. (I'm sorry, does that sound bitter?)

You need a GI doc, you need testing, you need it now. Depending on how long it has been going on, I'm tempted to say it sounds like eosinthrophilic gastroenteritis, which is what I had six months ago. It is the only "diarrhea" I have had that would wake me up, and it was also mostly water. And there was a LOT of it each time I went. E.G. is only diagnosed via endoscopy, but I dehydrated SO fast, I ended up in the hospital. It's a tough diganosis, because it is rare, so it took 7 days at home and then I think they figured it out day 10 at the hospital and sent me home day 11. Look that one up online and see what you think. I don't know if it's possible to have it for longer periods of time. Mine was sudden onset, I thought it was a virus for about 3 days, then my stomach swelled to full-blown pregnancy size, and I called my GI doc. He knew immediately it wasn't a virus, but he couldn't get all the tests done in time before I needed fluids.

It is also generally a "marker" of something else. E.G. doesn't just happen for no reason; it generally is a symptom of an underlying problem. The treatment was a round of steroids. Immodium would help a little bit and for short periods of time, but not long. (And of course once in the hospital, they won't give you anything to slow it down until they know what it is.)

I relapsed it three more times, because my underlying condition wasn't caught/treated, and each relapse had different symptoms. If you want to talk more about it, you can catch me on the IBS Board, but I'm going to put this on my watchlist too.

I hope that helps. Definitely get to a doc, though! (One who doesn't say "fiber"...)

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