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GERD Aspiration while sleeping
mstngbul posted:
Hello all, I assume that some others may have similar issues with their GERD symptoms. This happens only a few times a year and I don't understand why. I will wake up in the middle of the night choking and coughing. At first I thought I was going to be ok, but then I start to cough more and the acid hits my throat and upper chest. It is almost like I aspirated stomach fluids into my lungs. It gradually get much worse. My saliva gets extremely thick and I start having trouble breathing. I cough and choke for about an 1-2 hours. Nothing seems to help and I honestly feel completely helpless in pain. My saliva gets so thick that I have trouble swallowing. I end up sleeping sitting up and my lungs feel like they have fluid in them deep down.
Can anyone relate or tell me what is going on? I am totally exhausted and feel as if I have bronchitis in my chest.
Anything to worry about?
IL60477 responded:
You've described me to a "T," Mark. This is exactly what happens to me about 4-5 times a year; every detail you have described. It's frightening and reminds me of what drowning must feel like. 2-3 hours per bout is also my experience. I fear these bouts so much that I now sleep very lightly every night, robbing myself of restful sleep. I definitely "feel your pain," sir.
An_248318 responded:
This happened to me last night, along with acidic diarrhea, pepto bismol helped a little with the esophogeal part but I still had the diarrhea, it lasted a good two hours and my wife was upset that I felt so bad. Going to the VA hospital will let you know what they say.

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