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jujulang posted:
I had my colonoscopy last week and was advised that the polyp she removed was benign with precancerous cells so looks like I will go going on a regular basis which is a good thing. My sister died at 32 with dreaded colon cancer and 3 uncles since.....
anyway, my question is actually about yeast or the possibility of being overrun with it. I thought the colon prep might get me on the right track, but it isn't looking that way. I have had bm's that are pencil thin and now that I know there is no blockage, it's obviously colon spasms causing that. I am also having some burning, stinging, itching around the vaginal and rectal area after cleaning. I am using sensitive skin wipes and trying to be gentle but it's driving me crazy. This was going on prior to the colonoscopy so it's not a by product of that.
I was taking some probiotics but stopped because I really didnt see much change with that.
Does anyone know of any way to tell if I do have a yeast problem and what to do about it?
My motility is still very slow and there isn't much I can do about that but this little added bonus is driving me nuts!
Ladymc_30 responded:
I happen to come across an article about Systemic yeast / Candida? on it may help

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