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Rectal bleeding from alcohol consumption
An_201271 posted:
Sometimes a few days after having consumed alcohol, I get bleeding from the rectum. Any reason to this?
C Mel Wilcox, MD responded:
Hi Anon_55077,

Nope, cant really tie the two together unless you eat less or alter diet resulting in constipation and hard stools. If you are over age 50 and/or it persists, i would make sure you see someone just to be sure.
everydayizagift responded:
My opinion is different than the doctors'

If you see a pattern that when you consume alcohol and then experience pain/bleeding/diarrhea ect. It's logical. Your body is sensitive to alcohol just as a person may be lactose intolerant or have celiac disease and can't eat gluten.

I remember the 1st time I experienced blood on my stool like it was yesterday. I was 17 and drinking one of those 22 ounce malt beers, sittin on the toilet and about to go out to a graduation party. Maybe if I had listened to my body and stopped drinking alcohol, eating pizza daily, I would have felt better and not have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

What you put in your body makes a difference
everydayizagift replied to C Mel Wilcox, MD's response:
Hi Dr. Wilcox. How can you not tie the two together? The altering of the diet, constipation words that you wrote just confuses people and is insignificant, An_108018 didn't mention food or eating at all.
The concern ---- consuming alcohol resulting in bleeding from the rectum. ALSO - The rectal bleeding post drinking has happened a few times. Logic would say there's a connection there... no?
So, if I go sip some anti-freeze, then vomit, there wouldn't be a connection unless I altered my diet or experience constipation.

Hahaha Think about how stupid of a statement that is.
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to everydayizagift's response:
Hi everydayizagift,

Anti-freeze is a poison, please do not even consider ingesting this as anti-freeze can be deadly.

The health professionals are not available to answer community members' questions at the moment. Please see the announcement area for more information.

Please see a doctor if you are having digestive problems.

- Annie
everydayizagift replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you for responding and informing me that Anti-freeze is a poison. :)
Alcohol is toxic, alcohol can be deadly, alcohol can lead to health problems.

You're smart and understood the case in point with using the anti-freeze analogy.

If you didn't understand, what I was saying was that the doctors' statement didn't make sense.
What you put in your body, will have an effect on your health. That's all.

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