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Very worried - Upper left quadrant pain/discomfort
An_201319 posted:
I have been experiencing pain/discomfort in the upper left area of my abdomen on & off for over a year now. It went away for many months but has made a triumphant comeback over the last 4 months. It is not a sharp stabbing pain but more of an ache or dull pain. I have IBS-C. My primary care doc & GI doc both believe that this pain/discomfort is associated with my IBS & the fact that I had 2 surgeries and the medication that came with it, therefore disrupting my colon. They said that the area of discomfort is where the transverse colon makes a sharp turn and nothing feels abnormal. I had an ultrasound about a year ago on that area that showed nothing. I also had an x-ray around that timeframe too (which showed nothing). I have noticed that if it eat extremely healthy, it seems to get a bit better, but I am growing increasingly scared that this is 'nothing to worry about". I aslo noticed that certain foods (ie. popcorn, corn on the cob, etc..) really make it worse. My stools are the same and there is no blood. My GI doc said that I am due for a colonoscopy next year that we could move up to sooner & do an endoscopy too if I wanted. I have really been trying to take everyone's advice & not worry..... but I am worried. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
cameron218 responded:
Hello An_201319, Have there been any updates> I too experience this pain.
Anon_61787 replied to cameron218's response:
Yes, I have updates! I was very uncomfortable with my GI doc & my PCP telling me not worry, that it was just stuff getting "backed up" where the colon makes that hard turn. I don't really find that to be a diagnosis. So, I did the colonoscopy & they did an Upper GI. They found that I have a little bit of Diverticulosis in my colon & they found my stomach to be a little red (nothing very troublesome though). They didn't even really have much to say about the Diverticulosis either, just sent me on my way. However, just knowing that I do not have anything dire wrong with me made me feel better. They still suggest take fiber supplements (Citracel, etc..) but those do NOT agree with me. Here's what I have done: Green juicing (bought a big juicer & do kale, spinach, carrots, ginger, apple, cucumber & beet) every AM. I do this before I eat & I will say, it helps ALOT!! Beets are very good for the intestines (beware that your output will be red though!!) You can do variations of these juices too (some taste really bad). I have done several 7 day intestinal cleanses - this will start off tough but man, you will feel AWESOME at the end & it helps your struggling intestines immensely. I still have periods where this flares up and bothers me but at least I know what I am dealing with and don't freak out (which by the way, irritates your intestines are they are very sensitive to your moods). You can also investigate Colon Hydrotherapy (I highly reccomend it) because that will help to get your colon functioning properly. It is an odd thing to do but it really, really works well especially with the 7 day cleanse. Hope some of this is helpful to you.... I remember posting this & remember how concerned I was at the time. Let me know if I can be of help again!

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