What is the worst thing for you when you are ill with digestive problems?
Annie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi Everyone!

When you are ill with digestive problems, what do you think is the worst?

The constant trips to the bathroom?


Abdominal pain?

Being undiagnosed?

Special diets?

- Annie
CIAO4NOW responded:
Being undiagnosed, without a doubt.

I have been taking Percocet 10/325 for about 3-1/2 years (under the care of my MD) for moderate to severe pain (rt. flank mostly). 2 surgeries later (gallbladder and then renal cysts) and still no real answers - just more symptoms and increasing pain and discomfort. I just had an endoscopy and was told my stomach was enlarged and is bleeding. Can this be caused by the Percocet? I VERY rarely drink alcohol, but have to take about 2-3 pills total in a 24hr. period, on average (or about 1,000mg/24hrs.) Any suggestions would be welcome.
december55 responded:
Being diagnosed for me was one thing - but getting any help or advice was another. My gyn. said I should not be in any pain after I went to bathroom, suggested I see someone else.
I had diverticulitis - had more colonoscopies - all those over the counter recommendations only seem to aggravate.
I recently had diverticuli bleed and in hospital for transfusions. This is not to scare you - only a good GI Doctor is so important.
Telling you what you have is one thing - being advised as to how to live with it was something I never received. I recently had another colonoscopy - upper ultra sound and scope - and had a ivc filter put in - (I had been on a blood thinner which did not help with the bleeding) -