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Anal Drip/Leakage
An_201329 posted:
I've had the following problem since May 2010. It feels like there is moisture near my anus/anal region (and there might be, but only a little bit). I've had numerous exams--digital, hemrroid scope (forget the name), sigmoidoscopy, and nothing has been found to be wrong (no abscess, no fissure, no fistula, no polyps, nothing!).

The "leakage" I have contains no fecal matter--if I wipe when I feel the moisture, there's nothing on the toilet paper.

I'm 37 years old, 5'9" tall, and weigh 155 pounds. I'm in good shape--in face, when the problems started, I was running 30-40 miles per week. One doctor suggested the running might have resulted in my body having less fat resulting in the slight moisture leakage, but he really had no idea.

I eat well, no coffee, no drugs, no tobacco, no alcohol.

To combat the problem, I daily put a vaseline-like cream on my anus, and also a small piece of tp in my crack. This alleviates the symptoms, but I don't feel normal. The only time the symptoms go away is when I lie down. As soon as I wake up and start moving around, I feel a little tickle in my anus.

Has ANYONE ever had a similar problem? I'm at my wits end trying to make this go away and feel normal again.

Thanks much, Scott.
C Mel Wilcox, MD responded:
would not put any creams etc on the anus as long term that may make things worse

not sure what the leakage is as you say there is nothing on the toilet paper
abigailjo responded:
Yes i have the same problem i will admit i am a little bit overweight for my height and age . but i have the exact same problem i can be laying down and all is good but as soon as i get up and walk around this juicy stuff comes right out . i actually looked at my bum one day in the mirror and it looked a little like icing but more watery i dont know exactly whats wrong other then it gets me annoyed that i constantly have to go to the bathroom to wipe and not only does it make me smell ... try using some cotton underwear to let ur bum breathe
glockster26 responded:
I have pretty much the same problem. I am 51 years old & have had IBS for about a year & a half. However, the discharge does show up on the paper in the form of mucus. The most disagreeable aspect is that it goes into my underwear along with a rather "fishy" smell. It has made me rather unsociable & for one who in the past has not had any trouble being what one might call a social animal, I find that I spend more time at home. I know that various pharmaceutical companies have things in the pipeline but I'm not all together sure that other than providing relief from the usual discomforting effects related to IBS, (i.e. C/D) that the issue of mucus leaking into the underwear will ever be dealt with. You are not alone in dealing with this condition even though that doesn't make things any better for you. Hang in there & hopefully in the not to distant future there will be some form of treatment that will make life better for many of us with IBS. I'm realistic in that whatever treatment will eventually become available will help even though it's unlikely to provide 100% relief. Hell, I'll take 50% relief at this point. Don't give up!
Christistheonlyway777 responded:
Maybe you have an air leak? But seriously, maybe there is a pubic hair near the anus that keeps hitting a sensitive area of the anus.

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