sherm80 posted:
I have periodic tightening (spasms?) of abdominal area when eating certain foods, especially very fibrous foods and I notice also with red wine. It feels like muscles tightening up, I do apparently have IBS so might this be related?? Last colonoscopy also showed "very redundant colon"?? Also, deal with anxiety, so all signs point to a very unsettled digestive area, right?? I think I just diagnosed myself!! LOL
barbarafromtucson responded:

Have you been "officially" diagnosed with IBS? IBS is a 'catchall' diagnosis that doctors like to use when they can't figure out what's wrong or don't want to take the time to diagnose. You may want to look for a different doctor if your current doctor is diagnosing you with IBS.

Keep a journal of all that you eat/drink and then the details about the results (including time, shape, consistancy, etc.). Also keep track of your moods/emotions. Over time, this will help show patterns that will help identify what the triggers are...sounds like you've already figured out some of them.

One can't self-diagnose IBS and IBS is a catchall diagnosis--so I would keep on top of it--even if it means going to different doctors--until you get a specific diagnosis.

Keep us posted!

sherm80 replied to barbarafromtucson's response:
what exactly does "redundant colon" actually mean?? And usually, when this "tightening" occurs, it produces no bowel movements, frequent gas, maybe; and, too, when these episodes occur, often it leads to hunger pangs, so it's goofy. I don't think I've ever had a "normal" digestive system!!

Lastly, is there something in red wine that's more of an irritant, or are we back to alcohol in general?
sheba_q replied to sherm80's response:
Redundant colon means it's longer than average. This makes a colonoscopy more difficult, but it doesn't usually mean health problems.

Gas makes me wonder if you have some kind of food intolerance. Anxiety is also a possible symptom. That makes keeping a food journal all the more important.