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Globus / Regurgitating / Shortness of Breath
Sals_bella posted:
Hi All, I'm a 24 year old Female from NY, been having acid reflux issues since December 09'. It first started as just discomfort and some reflux, gradually turned into pieces of food coming up, and being unable to drink orange juice (my favorite!) Now i have a globus sensation, which comes and goes through-out the week. I have recently been to the walk-in clinic at my doctors with complaints of shortness of breath, unsure if it's due to this but I was put on Prevacid caps 30mg.

I'm not the medicine type, I was fine with tums with a flair up, but having to take a pill everyday is not my way of solving this. I have had an endoscopy done back in June, they found I had inflammation in my stomach lining (Gastritis) but everything else, even multiple biopsies came back normal.

My doctor told me if in a month when i see her (Nov 4th) my symptoms havent subsided, that I would be put in anti-anxiety meds! !!!! uhk, are you kidding me? I feel like im a guinea pig right now, anyone else ?
Sals_bella responded:
Oh, and I wanted to add that I almost always have a sensation to burp, so i have to breathe in to let in air and then burp out, and leaning over to burp gives temp. relief. I've been on Prevacid for 3 days now today......

I dont get the heartburn feeling in my chest, just discomfort in the lower throat area.

Ive had no symptoms of this before December....I feel alone and too young to be worrying about what i'm eating and letting go of things I love....

Also, Im a healthy 5'4" 3/4 and 133 pounds. I have let up on excersizing since my new fulltime job which started in december...any relation?
absolutelylee replied to Sals_bella's response:
I am in a similar situation, I am also from NY. I was diagnosed at 25 with gastritis and I often have acid reflux symptoms. I'm not overweight and I don't smoke. Maybe stress has something to do with it. I've been dealing with it for the past 4 years. Sometimes it's tolerable and sometimes it's really bad. I'm still learning to control it. I tried Prevacid but it didn't work for me, it made me feel more sick. Prilosec OTC works pretty well. You may have to try different medications to see what works for you. Probiotics may help you as well.

It's difficult to live with sometimes. I hate going out to restaurants and worrying if something might trigger my reflux. It's a pain to order. The reflux causes me to burp a lot, which is gross.I have had to give up foods that I really like. I also felt like I was too young to have reflux. It sucks having to worry about what I eat while other people can eat what they want without problems. It is a pain, but you will learn what you can eat and what you can't because your stomach will tell you. Once you learn how to manage your issues, you will find it's something you can live with.
slboulton responded:
My 24 year old daughter is currently in hospital for the 5th time this year with severe epigastric pain and uncontrollable vomiting. She was diagnosed with severe GERD at the start of this year and has been on 80mg of Losec daily. When that wasn't helping they finally coerced her into anti-anxiety meds. She hasn't gotten any better and is back in hospital again. We have just got a new doctor and he is looking further and we hope he can solve this mystery because there is definitely something more than reflux or anxiety going on here. If you have found out anything since you posted this I would love to hear back from you.
savedbygracenchr12 responded:
I have a suggestion besides hooking up with pills go get some plumsmart it ll clean out your system ,and help with your acid reflux, just make sure to drink it when you re gonna be around the house not while you re working .I have acid reflux too and I deal with it as best I can , been to the Dr and had probiotics they worked good ,but that was a few yrs ago.Oh staying active helps too
Mac345 responded:
So what did you find out after all of this? Did they put you on anx meds or did you change your job?

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