Heartburn after Chemotherapy
Minikev posted:
My wife has been suffering with persistent heartburn for the past five weeks.
History - Lumpectomy right breast May 2010. Four treatments of chemotherapy
and now undergoing radiation treatments. After the first chemo, developed sever heartburn. OCT medications did hot help. Responded eventually to Carafate and Protonix. Similar symptoms did not develop after the next three chemo treatments.
Until about two to three weeks after the last chemo, when the heartburn returned and has
been with her every day and night since. Just yesterday an endoscopy was done and there was no sign of irritation , no infection and no fungus found.
Current treatment is one Protonix before breakfast , one at bedtime with one Zantacs at bedtime. Nothing appears to alleviate the heartburn and the cause is still unknown. Also,
during the last five days diarrhea has appeared as another symptom..

Has anyone had an experience like this and has the cause and cure been identified?
mbrizio responded:
I finished a 6 month run of interferon almost 2 years ago. I have heartburn EVERYDAY It seems to be getting worse. I take Zantac every night. Lying down is horrifying, before Zantac or if I forgot I wake up breathing acid REAL PAIN