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Food makes me sick.......
An_201431 posted:
Problems with nausea, no vomitting, between meals and following meals the stomach gurgling, rumbling, and then normally loose bowels. Eat very small amounts. Had upper and lower GI showed some polyps removed, and gallstones. Gall bladder removed end of July 2010, and pain with nausea is gone, however, nausea and lower bowel issues still the same.

Diagnosed with GERD, have taken Nexium for years 40mg, and how with increased stomach issues, GERD is worse. Take Zyiad (sp) and OTC meds for breakthroughs.

I am limited to really potatoes, bland hard pretzel, and rice. Traveling is a nightmare. Weight loss is significant, 30 lbs since beginning of summer. I was overweight so thought a blessing, but now, this is torture.

Had rye toast with light butter (little) and little grape jelly. Still sick, no bowel movement yet, but the grumblings have started.

Any ideas? I do drink alcohol 3x a week, but 1- 2 drinks at most. Drinking does not bother me at all. None carbonated drinks.
An_201432 responded:
Have you checked into the symptoms for Celiac Disease? This site contains basic information on Celiac Disease. The Celiac blood panel is such an easy test. My concern is your weight loss. This could mean that your body is malabsorbing and could be getting very little nutrients from your food..

I was eating 'bland' food - rye bread, crackers, pasta - which all contain wheat and therefore gluten, which is the culprit in Celiac Disease. I a lot of weight. Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy 6 yrs. ago but Dr. did not see anything wrong in my small intestine. But this year my symptoms got worse, started feeling terrible after almost every meal, and weight just started dropping off. So I went to my Dr. and insisted on the Celiac Disease blood test. Because I was undiagnosed for so long, I now have other health issues, relating to malabsorption, which are secondary to the Celiac Disease I was finally diagnosed with.
deanie64 responded:
this sounds exactly like me... gallbladder was removed 9yrs ago and i am still having all sorts of issues.. everything i eat makes me be in the bathroom... i cant go out to eat. i dont like to go to far.. it's really sad...
cookielady_12 responded:
It sound like you are miserable. I am no doc but speaking from experience. First I would go to the doc and see if you have celiacs disease then you know what you are dealing with. I would also try going gluten free. It's very easy to do and you will feel so much better. I would also go to and get their digestive enzyme, a probiotic and vitamin b 12. It made my gas go away because my food was getting digested by the enzymes. The probiotics works on the flora in the bowel to balance out the bacteria. The vitamin b12 just makes you feel so much better and gives you energy. My husband takes the same supplements and feels much better. If you want to talk about this get in touch with me at: cookielady_12@msn . Good luck!
Grandmaofeight responded:
Food makes me sick....... An_201431 posted:I had the same problem several years ago, on all kinds of meds that didn't work. I had tto condition my colon again. They tell you to eat a bland diet, that won't help.
Get you some corn flakes & a box of bran buds, start out with a bowl of corn flakes & ever day add a teaspoon of the brand bubs the frist day & everyday add more bran bubs untill you are eating mostly bran bubs & your colon will be conditioned again & you can go back to eating normally again. If it happens again repeat the same process & share your progress with other people. Deb Good luck to you
sickofbeingsick777 responded:
sounds similar to my issues, I am always missing hours at work for having to leave early. it really does suck when your so sick that it effects everything about your life. I agree with you that this is torture. try rice products. gluten free breads and other foods are expensive but they are worth it if it makes you feel better. I personally am going through hell and no sight of coming back. it really sucks and i am becoming fed up with it..!
wish you the best. good luck !

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