Trouble digesting beef
cr4nky posted:
In the last year, I have suddenly become unable to eat beef without awful digestive consequences for 1-3 days afterward. If I eat one hamburger (it seems to be especially ground beef), I suffer with severe constipation accompanied by cramps/bloating in the following days. Every time. I haven't eaten beef often since I was a child, but never had any issues with it until recently. I have noticed an increase in digestive issues in general over the last 2 years, but nothing in particular seems to affect me like beef does and I can generally keep everything in check by regularly eating yogurt and/or taking acidophilous. What is the deal with beef?? I miss my occasional cheeseburger:(
CalGal37 responded:
Cr4ky, people can develop food intolerances to substances they've eaten all of their lives, unfortunately. If nothing else seems to cause issues, it may mean that you're just going to have to learn how to go beef-less.

You could check with your doc and ask to be tested for food intolerance/sensitivity issues. There are some fairly decent tests on the market these days that are used in functional medicine to check out food issues.