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    My 3 yr old has severe abdominal pain PLEASE HELP!!
    mommy811 posted:
    From the time my daughter was born she had severe constipation issues so the doctor put her on miralax. She was on it untill she turned one then we took her off formula and switched to milk..constipation issues stopped. When she was 2 1/2 she started complaining of a stomach ache that got worse everyday and more often each day. long story short. doctors have had us try no milk for 4 wks, miralax, x-rays, stool samples, blood work. all came back normal. we have been to the emergency room numerous times. She will scream, cry, double over on floor, scratch at her stomach. pain is in middle of her abdomen. she complains all day long..pain lasts only 1-5 minutes at a time then comes back. 4 weeks agoi noticed that her bowel movements weren't right. she is potty trained with an occasional accident at bed time. But now she is having a bowel movement in her pants 3-5 times a is only a very small amount and kinda like diarrhea. So I don't know if she can help it or not. When she actually has a normal bowel movement in the potty several hours later, it looks normal. she is in pain off and on all day and i feel so bad for her. I feel like the doctors have no idea what's going on. I have 3 children and i just want my sweet girl back to normal!! please, if u have any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much for your time.
    DIYSTER responded:
    Sorry to hear your daughter is having such terrible problems, poor thing, and it must be heartbreaking for you. When the blood tests were done, what things did they test for? What are her dietary habits? I believe that when the digestive system "goes haywire", it is because of something being ingested that it considers "foreign" - bacteria, virus and certainly food allergies. What you describe could be food allergies - has she been thoroughly tested for the usual suspect foods? In the meantime, keeping a food diary may shed some light and you can bring it with you to the doctor for discussion.

    So long as we have a "for profit" health care model, we'll continue to have the kind of results you are seeing. Since that is the model we have, the best we can do is be our own advocates, do our research and push until we have answers. I wish you the best and hope your little girl gets some relief soon! Take care!!
    mommy811 replied to DIYSTER's response:
    Thank you for responding. She normally eats healthy..fruits/veggies. We very rarely eat out. I have noticed in the past month she has not been wanting to eat very much at all. She has lost 2 lbs. I have already started a journal of her pain, how long it last and the food that she consumes each day. The only thing doctors have done is taken her off milk for 4 wks. I also video taped her having one of her episodes (thats what i call them) so the doctors can see the severity of her pain. It's so strange because she can be in a lot of pain then when its over she is completely normal until it starts hurting again. We are taking her to scottish rite tomorrow morning to see if they can figure out what is causing her pain. Thanks again and have a great day!!!
    mommy811 replied to mommy811's response:
    We took my daughter to Scottish Rite 2 days ago and they did another x ray and found a massive stool blockage. They tried a enema 3 times and was unable to get it to stay in. They sent us home and said to use miralax 2x a day for the next year. The next day we gave her pedia lax and started giving her some fiber gummies. No luck. So today we are going to try a suppository. My question is if the suppository dosent work either what else should I try? She dosent go back to the gi doctor untill dec 15th and I really dont want to wait that long if she is still in pain and can't get any relief. Do you think she will need surgery to have the blockage removed? What kinds of problems can a stool blockage cause? thank you so much!!!
    mommy811 replied to mommy811's response:
    no luck on the suppository either. what would you recommend that I do now? thanks for any advice that you may have!!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to mommy811's response:
    Hi Mommy811,

    Please contact your doctor and don't wait until the next scheduled appointment. You know your daughter better than anyone else so if she's is constipated and the medications aren't working you need to get in touch with your child's doctor again for help.

    At the current time this board does not have health professionals to answer community members questions.

    Take care!

    - Annie
    mommy811 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I have been contacting her PCP and going back and forth to emergency rooms and doctors for the past 6 months!! I'm on this site in hopes that anyone else may have a opinion as to what is going on with my daughter.
    We went back to emergency room on the 26th they did another xray and said the stool blockage was gone (I saw the x-ray as well) the only thing they saw was a lot of gas. Told us there was nothing else they could do. Told me to give her mylicon, prevacid and to stop giving her the miralax. I know it has only been 2 days but the pain and diarrea are still the exact same. She has had diarrea and 1 normal bowel a day for the past month. She has had nothing but diarrea since nov 19th. So my questions are how long does it take for the mylicon drops to start working? and if anyone has any other ideas of what her symptoms could be it would be greatly appreciated!! I'm just a concerned, exhausted, worried mommy!! thank you for taking time to read my posts.
    Sloss11 replied to mommy811's response:
    IN the blood tests did they check for Celiac disease? I went through similar things two years ago and i was convinced i coudl have celiacs - after i begged a doctor to test for it (apparently an expensive blood test) it came back negative and turns out i have IBS which is mostly stress induced, but at 3 years old i would hardly think stress is causing your daughters issues. Apple Cider Vinegar has helped with all my constipation issues. I have also heard chiropractic care (if not caused by a food allergy) can help with bowel disorders and basically when they are adjusting you the 'cracking' you hear is gas - there are chiropractors that specialize in pediatric care.

    I'm glad to hear you don't have her taking Miralax anymore - one doctor told me i would just need to take it for the rest of my life and i would be fine. NO WAY! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter and the not knowing, but don't give up - keep forcing them to do tests and keep trying new options.
    mommy811 replied to Sloss11's response:
    yes they did test for celiac and it was negative. When back to gi doctor yesterday and he put her on prevacid, benefiber, miralax, and culturelle. If that dosent straighten her out in two weeks they will be going inside her to look around. thank you for responding!
    alyssahearing91 replied to mommy811's response:
    I am sorry to hear about your daughter and i hope she is doing better now. I have a 3 year old who is having similar problems. she was born with gastroschisis(her bowel on the outside) but they reapired it and said she was fine. She is now complaining of her stomache hurting everyday several times a day. She also wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and sometimes vomitting because of the pain. The doctors have my daughter on miralax, probiotics, and i put her on gas medicine. They have done a barium enima and an ultrasound that both came back normal. I was curious if they did do surgery on your little girl and have found any answers?
    Liz2733 replied to alyssahearing91's response:
    I've just sat down because I am at my witt's end with my 3 year old son and his bowel issues. Reading these stories sounds like what I have been dealing with since my son was born. He was diagnosed with constipation and put on miralax. Was on that for 3 years before I decided enough was enough. I couldn't stand pumping him full of that chemical. He has had severe stomach pains for the last year and a half. Trips to the er and all. was told he was severely backed up and to do a miralax cleanout. Did that twice but he was still having pains. Took him back into peds. where they did another xray to confirm he was no longer backed up and didn't know what was wrong. Still having pains was then schedulded for an ultrasound. Did the ultrasound and it came back normal. Like I said he is no longer on the miralax just in the last 9 days. He is on probiotics now. He is back to his constipated self and still having the severe, doubling over pain. What is going on? No child should ever be in the amount of pain I am witnessing with my son. My pediatrician wants to do an upper gi with a bowel follow through but i have yet to schedule such appointment. Any insight would be helpful.
    Liz2733 replied to Liz2733's response:
    I meant to add the pediatrician said the ultrasound was so blurred by all the gas in his belly. He now is on mylicon gas drops as well. His belly is so distended and filled with gas his clothes don't fit right.
    hechler replied to Liz2733's response:
    Check with your doctor about food allergies. My daughter had the same problems. You may be surprised.--hope your child finds relieve soon.
    puddletownmama replied to hechler's response:
    My daughter suffered from severe tummy issues from birth to age 16. We did every test out there, experimented with every drug. She was diagnosed with IBS after they gave up and couldn't figure it out.
    Then at age 15 she got scolisis.
    It was progressive and not typical. After an MRI discovered she had syringomyelia we were sent to a neurologist who said all her stomach issues were caused by the large cyst on her spinal chord, it was pressing on her digestive system, as she grew it she outgrew her troubles because the cysts were not so big, she was born with them and they were large at birth. It was so great to finally have an answer! We had a new problem though her spine went from an 18 degree curve to 60 in less than a yr. She had a titanium rod / spinal fusion surgery last Jan and is doing great! Tall,straight and less stomach attacks. She still has small bouts but nothing like when she was small
    I would suggest an MRI if you don't get any answers!

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