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Colloidal Silver for a post CDiff sufferer
MaryMoe103 posted:
Hi I had recently gotten over a sever case of C.Diff. I've been experience digestive problems ever sense. Anywhere from frequent dirreah to sever pain in my abdomen to constant nausea. My fear is that being it is the cold/flu season that I will get sick with something else and will require antibiotics. I'm not sure my digestive tract could handle that as of right now so my question is would it be ok to take colloidal silver instead? Any information is much appriciated. Happy Holidays to all!
sheba_q responded:
As you've had C Diff you really shouldn't take antibiotics unless you really really need them.

Also there's no need to take one with a cold as that's viral - an antibiotic won't do any good. Colloidal silver won't do you much good either - there's nothing to prove it works and plenty to say that it could harm you. You're better off trying to keep away from sick people and getting some basic cold pills from the store for if you do get sick.

C Diff and the antibiotics used to treat it can leave lingering problems. Have you tried any probiotics to get your digestive tract back to normal?
georgiagail responded:
As previously mentioned, antibiotics are not required for either a cold or the flu (which are viral, not bacterial based diseases).

Colloidal silver is totally useless unless you are happy to enjoy turning permanently gray (and not just your hair).

Sloss11 responded:
I'm not completely familiar with C.Diff other than it being bacterial and in the intestines. As mentioned - antibiotics are not the answer for cold and flu. If your main worry is to avoid this I suggest take the upper levels of Vitamin D to strengthen your overall immune system (2,000 to 4,000 IUs daily). Also, my family and I always have colloidal silver on hand and it's usually administered when a sign of the sniffles emerge. Almost two years of using it like this and neither I nor my children could be members of the Blue Man Group and we don't miss work or school due to illness (knock on wood).

Also getting a seperate probiotic is never a bad idea. Good luck!
MaryMoe103 replied to sheba_q's response:
Yes Ma'am I have. I realize that antibiotics won't work for neither a cold or the flu but what I worry about is getting pneumonia or a sinus infection which I tend to be prone to. From what my doctors have told me I can take antibiotics if needed but I would need to make more probiotics while doing so. Thank you for your advice though. Much appriciated.

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