hital hernia?
alvarado10 posted:
I have discomfort/pain just under my middle breast bone like a knot that you can feel. I get worse by laying down or sitting forward and get some relief my walking around. Also I get this daily chest pain/heartburn along with acid reflux like symptoms. I've only been on protonix for 1 week.

The pain is not servere but is bothersome but I can still go about my daily activities. I'm due to see a GI specialist in a month. Is this a sign of hital hernia?
anony1673 responded:
Hi again! I just responded to your other post actually, I didn't know you wrote this one too at first. I have a hiatal hernia as well, it comes along with GERD and acid reflux symptoms you seem to be describing here and your other post. I haven't had any symptoms of my hiatal hernia... years ago I got a really noticeable "bulge" in my stomach below my breast bone, which is still there.
alvarado10 replied to anony1673's response:
What medications do you take to help releive your symptoms? Protonix has helped but doesnt take away the discomfortI have under my breastbone nor chest pain.