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Pain in side
nicholasofcusa posted:
It's a pinching feeling. It moves around, but it's usually around 6-8 inches to the right of and an inch above my belly-button. It becomes most noticeable after I eat. Tolerable, but it's almost constant throughout the day. This just started in the last month or two.

I looked at an anatomy diagram, and it looks like area of the cecum or large intestine, but I have no formal knowledge of the body.

I am very careful about what I eat. I eat NO junk food and much of my diet is unprocessed or lightly processed natural food. I do eat canned beans, though. I am de facto vegan, although I'm willing to eat meat if it's from a high-quality source. I eat a lot of broccoli and quinoa especially, and steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. These foods basically replaced cereal and a turkey sandwich for me.

I'm underweight, about 6'0", but 148. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago after cutting out all junk food and walking a lot after spending most of my life around 190-195. I'm 32.

Thanks for any help.
alvarado10 responded:
If this is your only symptom, I would suspect a kidney stone. see your doctor and drinks lots of water.
calgal37 responded:
Nicolas, it might be a good idea to check this out with your doctor. The area you're indication could be the area of the ascending colon - right above the cecum. When you have a continuing discomfort and you can't seem to correlate it with anything specific other than it starts after you eat, it should be checked out.
nicholasofcusa replied to calgal37's response:
Thanks to both of you for your advice.

Unfortunately, I don't have insurance, but I will see a doctor and use my savings.

Alvarado, I couldn't drink more water than I already do.

It's awfully ironic that I have this condition only after I started being very careful about what I eat. When I ate the standard American diet I always felt fine.

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