Rumination syndrome?
An_201509 posted:
How common is that in the average adult? Can it be confused with other disorders? My symptoms match it, but I don't feel comfortable bringing it up at my MD's office yet.
sheba_q responded:
I'm guessing it's not very common. I looked it up and found:

"There is little comprehensive data regarding rumination syndrome in otherwise healthy individuals. Most people with the disorder are private about their illness, and are often misdiagnosed due to the number of symptoms, and the clinical similarities between rumination syndrome and other disorders of the stomach and esophogus, such as gastroparesis and bulimia nervosa."
An_201510 replied to sheba_q's response:
Thank you for looking it up. I had done a little looking, myself, and was led to the Mayo Clinic's discussion of it. It said essentially the same thing you did..I won't go looking to get diagnosed with it--it sounds like a cow chewing her cud!