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Remission and Wellness - How long has it taken you to get better?
everydayizagift posted:
For those of you that are in REMISSION ..... Ewww, I just looked at that word "remission" and it is ugly (it whispers........"I'll be baaaaack"). My goal is not to be in remission or approaching good health (aka having a life again) feeling well... Finally!!
We know the feeling from diseased to healthy and all the time that goes by in between or leading up to wholeness. Even if you haven't gotten to the place of health that you are satisfied with and are still fighting your disease and/or in search for the treatment/pattern of lifestyle changes that you are confident with to keep you disease free,

how long have you been battling with your disease?

Everyone has different factors in their life that will influence and have an effect on your health. Crohn's, colitis, ibd, ibs and all these disease seem to require a lengthly recovery time. That's just what i've noticed.
I am curious to know how long it has taken you from the time you started flaring to the time that you can say that you are feeling whole again (which to me means being able to spend most of your time during the day on your feet without requiring a nap, you don't experience symptoms like rectal bleeding, pain along with frequency or whatever your symptoms may be - They are gone). The majority of your thoughts aren't mostly consumed by health / diseases / symptoms / treatments/nutrition. You can hold a job again, exercise or anything that will require strength and endurance doesn't look impossible. Basically, you have gotten your life back!!

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From the time you got sick to the time that you are feeling healthy and living a normal life again, how long is it or has it taken you?
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  • 4 years
  • 5+ years. I'm still sick
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