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Excessive Burping - Causes? Tests? Treatment?
anabel01 posted:
I have been experiencing excessive burping and sometimes acid reflux for about 3 years now. I visited a gastroenterologist and was prescribed (on seperate occasions) nexium, protonix, prilosec, and prevacid. None of these worked - in fact, some of them caused painful contractions in my stomach. I haven't seen a doctor in about 2 years since the bad experiences with the medication. My situation has gotten worse. Everytime after I eat, during the day, as soon as I get out of bed, I burp contantly. Sometimes I get acid reflux, and other times it just feels like air. I have noticed certain foods worsen my condition, such as tomatoes, anything spicy, and alcohol. I have a doctor appointment in 2 weeks, but wonder if anyone has suggestions on possible causes? Possible treatment? I've been told apple cider vinegar can help - so I've been taking a vitamin supplement of this for about 2 weeks, along with digestive enzymes purchased at a general nutrition store.
Magsjeanea responded:
The best thing is for you to find a gastroenterologist that you trust and stick with him till you find an answer. WebMD does not allow us to diagnose problems or suggest treatments as we are not physicians. You can always google your symptoms and see what you find.
I have heard of people taking apple cider vinegar for heartburn but they have used the actual vinegar not the pills and I don't think you can ever go wrong with using enzymes. Hope your doctor can help you. Good luck!
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
avarm responded:
hello this my 1st time posting so be patient. i have the same problem you do? only worse i have been to 3 drs 2 of them gastro drs. been on numerus meds nothing helps . i have like attacks most of the time in the middle of the night and the gas builds up in my chest and causes me to get arrythmia in my heart for a couple of hours (been to the heart dr also. in the am cannot funtion and go to work. certain foods and make me have these attacks . the last couple of weeks they have came during the day a time or two. the burping is almost constant and sometimes very deep and loud . when i have the attacks . i cannot pass gas from below and my stomach feels like it will blowup. i am beside myself and to what to do i am so sick of drs just shoving meds in my face. any suggestions. test ??? had scope and colonoscopy. mild irritation in stomach said and colonoscopy ok thanks for any info you can offer
alvarado10 replied to avarm's response:
Have you gotten a endoscopy? Protonix made me burp more often when I was on it. I swtiched to dexilant with few side effects

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