stomach. problems .
cal83 posted:
this is my first time using this site hope i did everythin rite.but for d last wk or so i have been gettin theses come and go fillings.sumtimes i will get a temp of 99.4 i will get sweety palms toes will get cold and i get a dizzy sick fillin in my head and stomach.went to dr last year he said i have slight case of ibs but ive never felt dis way b4.sumtimes i will b real gassy im havin bowel movments everyday.sumtimes i start to fill warm then cold.i was thinkin it cud b a ear infection or sinus infection do to d dizzy and sick fillin in stomach.still eatin regular.sum days it seems to b worse in d morning.after i eat in d morning it really knots up sumdays more than other days.pain is usually in lower part of stomach below the bellybutton.any help wud b.Thank U For Any Help
alvarado10 responded:
You should schedule a doctors visit. If its a sinus infection, your doctor would be able to tell you.