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    need some direction
    bobmnic posted:
    for the past couple of years, I have had acute episodes of some type of gastric spells. It is very sudden: starts out with cramping of the lower abdomen, then a sycope feeling like I'm going to faint, flushing like I'm on fire, intense nausea like I'm going to throw up but usually never do, and then lastly profuse sweating. It normally does this in the middle of the night but yesterday it was an the end of the work day. It is so intense that I'm afraid to be alone for fear of passing out. I have found out that all 3 daughters have the same thing. I work in the medical profession but have been unable to find out what this is.
    girlie65 responded:
    I, just last night, had an episode like what you have described. I also had terrible pain up under my ribs and into my right shoulder. I also felt like vomiting but could not and had the sweating and thought I would faint. After about 20 minutes, the pain and cramping decreased. I went to the hospital, still hurting and feeling like I had all the energy zapped out of me. After some tests that all came back good,I wast sent home with something to make me have bowel movements, which I don't think I need and meds for the pain. I am still hurting 10 hours later and am aggravated because I still don't know what happened to me! And the ER Dr. gave me pain med. for something that he doesn't know is wrong with me! So, do I just take the meds and hope it doesn't happen again?
    alvarado10 replied to girlie65's response:
    did you guys get a ultrasound or ct scan done? If no you should get one.
    bobmnic replied to girlie65's response:
    It's awful isn't it? My best friend is a MD and I'm surrounded by nurses and no one can figure it out. Since it normally happens in the middle of the night, I can usually go back to sleep but when it happened at the end of the work day, I was just exhausted and felt nauseous most of the night. The next day I was fine. Dd you do the flushing where your body felt like it was on fire?
    bobmnic replied to alvarado10's response:
    Why do you think an ultrasound or ct scan would help? i'm thinking I need a colonoscopy as much as I don't want one.
    CalGal37 replied to bobmnic's response:
    Bob, what tests have you had done so far? Are you on any meds? Any 'inherited' conditions? When you flush, does actual redness develop, and if so where?

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