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Please help
An_201551 posted:
I have had stomach pain for the past 3 months. Its normally in the upper abdomen, but often experience it in the lower abdomen as well. I have regular BMs. I get really nauseous and dizzy after eating and have a light nauseous feeling all day. My stomach, no matter if I have eaten recently or not, is constantly making those bubbling noises. I also have, what I describe as, severe hunger pains about 30-60 mins after eating.

I am 29 y/o female who runs about 20 miles a week so I am in normally good health but don't overdo the exercising.

There are times I have woken up with such severe pain in my stomach that I have been close to calling for an ambulance. I at first thought I had an ulcer, since I had a lot of the typical symptoms.

I have been to 3 doctors, all have made me take blood tests and give stool samples. All three doctors have had me lie down and push on my stomach. I experienced so much pain when they pushed on my lower and upper abdomen, that I teared up.

Every time I go to a new doctor, they say I have an ulcer but they also think something is wrong with my intestines. However, when they get the test results, they say nothing is wrong with me. Two of them suggested I eat more fiber and the other suggested I get antacid tablets, but I have never been constipated throughout this ordeal and have always made sure I eat plenty of fiber since I have a family history of colon cancer. I was also eating two Tums a day when this whole thing first started, but it never helped.

It has gotten to a point that I feel like I am developing a phobia of eating because it hurts so much to eat. It seems to be getting gradually worse and in the last week alone, I have lost 8 pounds.

If anyone can suggest something of what it might be or how I might alleviate the pain, please let me know. Im getting desperate.
alvarado10 responded:
I had stomach pain for about four months. I had an endoscopy done and they only found mild inflammation. I think it make just be the med.

You should get an endoscopy done and get screened regularly for colon cancer. The earliest its caught, the higher chance to cure it.
CalGal37 responded:
Anon, specifically which tests were run? Just saying stool or blood tests doesn't give enough information. There are a variety of different tests and all are looking for different things, so give us a list, please.

Do you find any foods make the problem better or worse? Are you on any meds at all, including any hormones?

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