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Stomach/Bowel Disorder of Some Sort
An_201564 posted:
I have been having urgent, gotta go to the bathroom NOW problems for a couple of months now. The symptoms are mainly -- if I feel I need to go poop -- I'd better go NOW. I am not "gassy", I don't have bloating or severe pain. I never had this problem until recently and not until after I began eating Activia yogurts -- which I no longer eat. The urges are often and I've learned which urges I'd better hit the toilet with -- after having a "shart"... I have no other serious symptoms, no real pain, the fecal matter is not runny, but what I would term as mushy...and always leaves residue in the toilet so I have to clean it after every "run"... the fecal matter is not dark in color, nor does it have obvious blood or other discolorations. I have no other symptoms that I associate with this disorder. Any ideas of what this could be?
everydayizagift responded:
It may be a food allergy of some kind. Maybe a sensitivity to dairy products or foods containing gluten. I would start a food diary to figure out what foods make you feel better/worse.
You then can have more control over your bm's and know what to eat when (so you're not running to the bathroom every 5 min during your important meeting)
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