Pancreatic like symptoms
genyjo posted:
I have had pancreatitis like symptoms for over 12 years and they seem to be getting worse. 3 bad attacks in 4 weeks time. A catscan two days ago showed no abnormality of my pancreas. I had gallbladder removed 40 years ago. My symptoms are: very high amylase count, red painful hands, eyes and face redden, horrible headache, vomit lots of yellow bile, profuse sweating and weakness, legs seem so weak, diarrhea sometimes, rapid heart beat, mid stomach pain that goes to right upper back area, and back stabs that are electric like and if they were a constant pain I don't think I could stand it. I do not drink alcohol of anykind. Also my parotid glands get involved sometimes with painful swelling. I imagine from the high amylase levels surging thru my body. I weigh 230 so am not losing weight at this time. but right now I am limiting my intake to clear liquids and a banana and jello. Docs not much help. When I fell an attack coming on I take 1/2 Lortab and go to bed. Sometimes I can circumvent having an attack by doing this. well just had to have my symptoms put somewhere. Maybe someone has some ideas for me. Thanks for any input.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi genyjo,

I'm sorry you are ill. As much as you may want to get diagnosed, it's not possible over the internet. You may want to get a second opinion if your doctors are unable to help you. Please use the WebMD search engine to read about second opinions including Second Opinions are Welcome .

Please also look up your medications that you've mentioned by clicking on the Find a Drug link to read about them.

- Annie
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