binge eating
mamabear2427 posted:
My neice is going through a rough time after a year of binge eating. Now it seems she cant stop!!! No one seems to have any information out there and where to go get help; Her doctor said they dont have any information to give us either. Besides a physciatrist,which didnt help either.didnt get to stop. I think she needs to be admitted into a clinic where she can be monitored but dont have any info on where or who. Does anyone have any ? thanks
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi mamabear2427,

I would suggest visiting the Binge Eating Disorder Health Center to read more about this topic. Is your neice currently under a doctor's care? We do have an Eating Disorders support community for help with those questions -- other community members here may help to answer your questions.

We also have an Anxiety and Panic Disorders Community board for more help.

Take care!

- Annie
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