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Painful Mass/Lump Near Anus
An_201603 posted:
My chief complaint is that I feel a lump/mass/bump near my anus in between my scrotum and anus.

This bump is painful. It hurts to sit. It doesn't feel like an independant ball/mass it feels like its attached to my insides down there (if I could give any sort amateur description). But I could be wrong. If I push on it gently it doesn't move, just very tender. No other symptoms.

A brief medical history...

2005 - colonoscopy & endoscopy
Went for rectal bleeding and heartburn. Results came back with internal hemmies that were banded and mild inflammation of esophagus due to medication I was taking.

2008 - flex sig
Was having exact symptoms as my chief complaint today - a painful mass near anus. My PCP thought it to be an abscess and put me on anti-biotics straight away and refered me to a colorrectal surgeon to perform the flex sig to see what's up.

Colorectal surgeon didn't see anything while performing flex sig. I motioned with my finger and showed her where exactly the mass was and where it was painful, after a brief moment she said "oh yeah I feel that - I don't think that's an abscess, it's probably a cyst." She said she could take it out but didn't think I needed to unless it was greatly reducing my quality of life. So I went on my way and the pain and mass subsided.

Fast forward 3 years to today... last week I went and saw my GI (a new GI since I moved). I explained my chief complaint (as noted above) - the painful mass. He did a digital exam (with his finger/hand) and didn't feel or see anything...

Here is the deal... I had the painful mass for 3-4 days prior to visit, got in to see doctor on 6th day of the issue and by chance the mass subsided and so was the pain. So he didn't see/feel the issue.

Because GI didn't see or feel anything he recommended I apply some Hydrocortisone Acetate 2.5% - Pramoxine HCI 1% cream to the 'affected area' - and basically said it could have been a cyst and off I went.

Only 2 days later it came back. I called GI nurse, she said to try the HydroAcePram cream for 3-4 days and call back if that doesn't help.

This is the end of the second day and it still has not subsided and now I have become a very worry wart.

What is this? I do not have any other symptoms (as far as I can tell). It's a painful mass - it worries me that it's a tumor. I'm 27 so I know that colon cancer is somewhat rare for that age but I have no real answers to stand on to know what this is.

Obviously I plan on calling back if this is not go by tomorrow night, but does any of this information help shed some light for anyone?

Thanks ahead of time for listening.
sleepbetter responded:
I am the original poster, posting from a different account...

To follow up to this thread I ended up having an MRI as suggested by a Colorectal Surgeon.

MRI found a mass near my anus in the perianal area. It was a bit deep which is why the mass was hard to feel with a digital exam.

Colorectal Surgeon wanted to excise and remove what he thought to be a cyst. After outpatient surgery he was right. It was an infected cyst in which he removed.

It's been almost 2 months now since it's been removed and I am healing very well. Unfortunately this was a VERY painful recovery for the first 2-3 weeks.

I am following up with the surgeon every couple weeks to months now.

Just wanted to share my results in case anyone has similar symptoms.

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