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    Mystery illness.. please help
    michelleee posted:
    My girlfriend is 17 years of age and there is a pattern of her getting sick every 4-6 weeks for the past 3 years.. she is sick right now so i turned to this site for help..

    Constant puking
    "Stabbing" pain, upper middle abdomen
    Sometimes see's stars

    The doctors gave her a head migraine pill to treat stomach migraines. She has to take it 2 hours before she's about to get sick. The problem is she doesn't know when, the sickness just comes suddenly. She can be sick for 2-7 days. Sometimes I think stressful events cause her to get sick. Her mom is the same way ie. stressing over a hockey game on t.v and made her get sick also. Her mom also had head migraines alot.

    The doctors have gave her so many pills to try to help stop the pain or the puking.

    She has had tests done and they already rules out some things. She had a scope done in her stomache and they found nothing. Couldn't get the Colonoscopy done becasue drinking the milk of megneisum that you have to drink in order to do it make her sick too.
    We asked to get an allergy test but the doctors here said no..
    Her parents and I feel as if there is no hope here in the hospital of Campbell River. We all feel so hopeless. And God knows what she is going threw at this very moment..
    Someone please help..

    Take the Poll

    My ideas of what she might have after looking threw this site..
    • Alergy ie. wheat, milk
    • Gastritis
    • Irritable bowel syndrone
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    sheba_q responded:
    I've never heard of milk of magnesia being used for colonoscopy, but I'm not sure if having one would help. The symptoms you're listing are more upper GI while a colonoscopy checks the lower GI.

    What tests has she had done? What kind of allergy testing were you requesting? What meds has she tried?

    Sometimes the best way to figure out if there are food issues is to do a food/symptom diary. Every day she writes down *everything* she eats/drinks (this includes supplements, gum and anything else that goes in her mouth) and how she feels throughout the day. This needs to be done for weeks, both while she's feeling ok and when she's sick. Patterns are more likely to emerge when it's all written down, as opposed to trying to remember after the fact.

    There's only one Campbell River I know of, on Van Island. I'm on the mainland.
    sabourinsgirl responded:
    I would ask the doctor to do ultrasound and cat scan, the trouble with stomach problems is that they can be very hard to diagnose
    michelleee replied to sheba_q's response:
    Thank you for replying to this! And in they only want to do a Cononoscopy because they have tried everything else. She just recently had a ultrasound of the whole upper body from the bottom of her tummy all the way to her chest and around her back area. They found nothing. And I think the food diary is what we are trying next after she recovers in the next few days. Her parents said they will take her to the Victoria hospital if we record everything she does for two months.
    What is upper GI? And I'm not sure what trype of allery testing to get done, she had a appt. tomorrow to see her doctor. I'm thinking maybe wheat, milk or spicy foods.
    She had tried Metoclopramide, Buscopan, Maxeran (for stomache cramping and to help stop puking) and then recently Axert for head migraines and help treat stomach migraines. Yes Campbell River is on Van Island. They are NO HELP here !!! Again thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
    michelleee replied to sabourinsgirl's response:
    It is very hard to diagnose! She has had her upper torso, her back down to her waist done in the ultrasound recently, and they found nothing. Maybe the doctors are just missing it?
    sheba_q replied to michelleee's response:
    These things are very difficult to diagnose and it usually takes more time than we'd like. Has she only been seen by general practitioner doctors or has she been to a specialist? I'd pref she see one in Vic as bigger cities tend to have better specialists (sad but true).

    The kind of testing you've listed is more towards checking her upper digestive system, which makes sense as that's what you've written about - there have been no comments about bowel movements, which would be more lower digestive system.

    I'm guessing if she asks to be tested for specific foods (like you've listed) the answer will be no. She's better off asking for blood tests to check for 'allergy serum' and vitamins/minerals. If she's having either an allergic response or an intolerance, those two tests should be 'off', showing something is wrong.

    Btw at this point hopefully it's more than the doctor saying "all is normal" - test results aren't that hard to read so she could request to look at and go over it with the doctor. Sometimes doctors don't read them carefully.

    I looked up the meds you listed and they tend towards short term treatment meds. I wonder (as the doctor obviously did) if the stabbing is intestinal spasms. Mebeverine (it's marketed under a few brand names) might help with that, and if that's tied in with why she's throwing up, then it might work as a maintenance med for her.
    sabourinsgirl replied to michelleee's response:
    They most definitely could be missing it, I hate to say it but I've had ny fair share of missed diagnosis, don't take no for an answer
    michelleee replied to sheba_q's response:
    Thank you so much. I will write this down and ask her doctor. Thank you.

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