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low residue diet plan
littlemamam posted:
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help. I'm looking for a meal plan for a low residue diet. I've had ulcerative colitis for 3 years and already had a my colon removed at the start. I've been bleeding again over the last 18 months and it's progressively gotten worse to the point I'm bleeding everyday. The surgeon has checked and said I have cuffitis but I bleed heavily every time I feel the urge to go which can be every 30 min or an hour.

I've found lots of info about what a low residue diet is but unfortunately I'm no cook or nutritionist and was trying to find something that could help me follow like eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner. Even if I had to repeat it for a few weeks until I understood what this diet is. I've been afraid to eat anything since I came home yesterday thinking it's just going to make me worse and I'll be back in the hospital for another transfusion.

Thanks in advance.
CalGal37 responded:
This might help. It's not detailed, but it gives a general overview:

Have you also considered probiotics? Most of the studies have suggested that they can be helpful in U.C....a variety of studies have used VSL#3, but I believe other brands may also be helpful.
littlemamam replied to CalGal37's response:
Thanks CalGal, I'm gonna bring up the probiotics on Friday when I go in. I know my primary tried some but quite sure it wasn't that because he was trying to treat acne since I wouldn't take any of the creams anymore. As soon as I stopped using one of the creams he'd given me my symptoms lightened but when I tried the probiotics I immediately started bleeding heavily. I'll find out which ones he put me on Monday before I go back to the surgeon Friday.

I'm on the waiting list to see a GI at the Mayo clinic in 3 months because I hope they'll be able to treat the whole issue and not just keep trying to treat a symptom which is just causing one problem to lighten and make another worse. And my insurance won't pay for a nutritionist unless I'm in the hospital so that's why I was hoping to find to find some meal plans. Thanks for this it's the only one I've seen with an example. I wish we could find 6 more like it to repeat for the entire week. Or even a "weight watchers" with no fiber. Seems like everyone is watching carbs and adding fiber in their foods even kids cereal!
Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to littlemamam's response:
Hi Littlemamam,

Welcome to the Digestive Disorders community. You might also find these resources helpful:

The first link provides a low residue diet sample menu that you may like.

I hope you're able to get in to see the GI soon and are able to treat the whole issue, as you said. Good luck! Please let us know how you're doing and what you find out!

arthurcoppola responded:
I feel for you, my wife has the same thing, but did not get the bag. the best i can do is try all fluids until the dr. finds out what is really going on, sounds like more problems? Another women I know tried medical pot. It worked very well for her, but the diet is most important, no fibre or dairy until you get it under control. PS I was on a feeding bag with all the nutrients you need to survive and gained 30 lbs. the best thing i ever did. This could stop any problems until there is an answer.
kjme11374 responded:
Here's an article to get you started.

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