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Stomach Pain and Vomiting
CloeyO posted:
My 10 year old son is randomly having stomach pain which he describes as feeling like there is a brick in his stomach which is followed by vomiting. I have talked to his dr about it but it happens so randomly there is no explanation. At school he gets sick after eating lunch and at home it either happens after he eats occasionally or he will wake up in the middle of the night with these same symptoms well after he has eaten.. This is not an everyday occurrence or even a weekly occurrence it comes and goes randomly. Can anyone point me to what could be causing this? I am positive that it is not a lactose problem because he drinks milk and eats cheese and it does not trigger it. He also has regular bowel movements.
jennfer33 responded:
I and some people that I know have symptoms like that,and we have Gastroparesis (where food digest slowly or in more extreme cases not at all) That brick in the stomach and vomiting even hours after eating are common symptoms. Aww that heavy feeling in the stomach is not a nice feeling. Hope this might be useful for you and your son.
skycap1647 replied to jennfer33's response:
Seems like what you just explained explains my situation as well.
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi CloeyO,

Welcome to the Digestive Disorders Community. I'm sorry to hear your son is not doing well. I can hear the frustration in your voice and sympathize with you.

No one can really be diagnosed over the internet, but you might want to use the WebMD symptom checker to help you narrow things down for yourself.

You might also think about starting a food diary for your son and see which foods are triggering his symptoms. It may not be lactose, but it could be something else. Check out this thread for more information on food allergies and intolerance .

Good luck and please keep us posted.


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