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    Probiotic Supplements
    straightahead posted:
    I have an issue with my stomach bloating after I eat or drink anything, no matter what the substance is or how little or how much I intake. I haven't seen a doctor about it yet, but I read online that taking a probiotic supplement can help.

    Should I consult a doctor before taking them? Or are they fine to just start taking on my own? Any recommendations on which probiotic supplement works best or are they all pretty much the same?
    An_201641 responded:
    have the same problem as you.when i take probiotic drinks i feel better for 2-3 days then it comes back so i have to take more.
    how did you get stomach bloating.?
    do you get belching and excessive burping as well?
    mine started after taking some antibiotics.i finished the course 2 months ago and my indigestion is still there.
    calgal37 responded:
    Straightahead, you don't need a doc's okay for probiotics. Give them a try. The only reason you should avoid them would be if you're suffering from some form of immune suppression or if you've got pancreatitis or biliary issues. There are several good brands on the market that include Culturelle, Digestive Advantage-IBS (not for IBS alone) and PB8 among others. Take as directed.

    They're not all the same, so it may take a bit of trial-and-error to find the best one for your system.

    A small warning. Since you're taking the 'good bacteria,' there might be a small rebellion that goes on in your system for a few days while things stabilize, so don't be surprised if you get a bit more gas at first. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it can happen.
    straightahead replied to An_201641's response:
    I haven't read anything about probiotic drinks, but I did read reviews on various probiotic supplements in the form of tablets. Some reviewers used them specifically for bloating and said the supplements helped. Although, I also read the bloating could be caused by a lactose or gluten intolerance or it could be some other issues which a doctor would have to diagnose.

    I don't have issues with burping or anything. For me, it's just ridiculous bloating that makes me look pregnant! I'm able to suck it in though. I don't know how it happened, but I've had the problem for many years. I figured it couldn't hurt to try a probiotic supplement.
    straightahead replied to calgal37's response:
    Thanks for letting me know, CalGal37! I only have bloating, but no other problems, so I'm hoping this helps. I'll definitely take a look at those brands you suggested!
    Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Straightahead,

    Welcome to the Digestive Disorders Community and thanks for your questions about probiotics!

    I'm a big believer in taking probiotics and am constantly telling my friends and kids how much they have helped me. Before I ever knew anything about probiotics I can remember surviving on yogurt while I lived in Mexico for 4 years.

    I didn't know why it helped, but I knew it was something about the enzymes in the yogurt. Now I take probiotic supplements every day and when I feel a rumbling going on in my tummy I add a couple more supplements to my diet and it always takes care of it.

    You might also check out this thread on other Natural Digestion Remedies That Work . Be sure to leave your comments there about probiotics, too.

    Here's a couple resources for you, too:

    Answers To Your Questions About Probiotics
    Probiotics Overview

    Hope that helps!

    magsjeanea responded:
    There are several good probiotics to take that are over the counter. There is Culturelle, Align and then Swansons Ultimate that you can get over the internet. You really need to see a doctor if you are in that much distress and think a doctor is called for.
    Hope you find the answers that you are searching for.
    Take good care,
    Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
    straightahead responded:
    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! I purchased the Ultra Probiotic Complex 50 from GNC and took it for the first time today. There was not a change in my bloating issue. I ate normally today and no matter what I ate, my stomach still bloated to the point where I look pregnant. I feel like I shouldn't expect to see a change on day one, so I'm going to continue to take the supplement and see if it helps.

    Has anyone taken a probiotic supplement for bloating? If this doesn't work, I'm concerned I'll have to see a doctor. From what I've read online, some people have said the bloating was a result of other things like a lactose or gluten intolerance, h.pylori, parasites, etc.
    Bob17 responded:
    consult your doctor
    WayneEndomune responded:
    Straightahead: Sorry that you're feeling so uncomfortable. It's a great idea to see your doctor too. While you're waiting to see your physician, taking a good probiotic is a safe way to go that may help ease the bloating you're feeling after eating and drinking. Check out how probiotics helped a young woman suffering from a similar problem as yours.

    I work with EndoMune, and would be happy to answer any other questions you have.

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