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passing out after eating certain foods
I am 46 years old and for the past 6 or 7 years, I have this issue that after eating certain foods (seems to be a pattern with certain preservatives), I cannot stay awake. I literally pass out and cannot seem to be woken for a couple of hours, At first, I thought it was anything containing sugar but then I can drink regular soda, eat certain chocolate bars, etc., with no effect. I then suspected it to be gluetin but only certain baked goods made me feel this way. I tried to determine what the common factor or ingrediant is in the mix and the only thing I can think of is food additive, preservative and colorings but NOT all of them. I can't eat packaged macoroni and cheese, or a lean cuisine frozen meal, but I can eat certain breads, canned goods, lunch meats and cheeses.
Any idea what this could be? I sometimes feel as though I am loosing my mind but I know that my symptoms are real. Thanks!
calgal37 responded:
My husband had a problem with getting so fatigued after eating that if he didn't go to bed and sleep he would almost fall down. There was no consistent pattern - it would seemingly come and go. He was found to be celiac via fecal antibody testing and he cross-reacts to casein, the major protein in dairy.

I'd suggest you get some testing done. Tracking patterns can sometimes help, but in some cases the only way to figure out what's happening is to either do a rigorous exclusion diet or try some testing.

Do you get any form of rash or blotches? Changes in bowel habits, however slight? Brain fog?
VFSMILING replied to calgal37's response:
Brain fog, eczema, and no consistant bowel movements. It's been going on for sometime. I was diagnosed with ADD and fibromyalgia but I am thinking now they are just symptoms of a much bigger issue.......
Sweetpea7 responded:
I know this is an old post but did you ever get a diagnosis??

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