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Severe stomach distention, sharp pains, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, migraines?
Anon_235790 posted:
So I have been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease and IBS and Acid Reflux already, but a gluten free diet and reflux meds do not seem to be helping me at all. I usually have 3-4 bowel movements per day, with either alternating diarrhea or painful constipation whenever I go to the restroom. I also get horrible migraines, stomach pains, bloating/distention all the time after eating.

I eat healthy, stay active (run between 30-45 miles per week), pretty much only drink water, and love fruits and veggies- I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with me? My weight fluctuates by like 6 pounds too daily. I also have foul gas and disgustingly loud belching, which is embarrasing in social situations.

Just this week I went to the ER because of severe and sharp abdominal pain at my belly button, and all they found was a ton of stool in my colon (to the point where they couldn't even locate my appendix on the ct-scan), and the 7cm pericardial cyst I've had for a while. I have been constipated and unable to clear out my digestive track for 6 days, had not much of an appetite, vomited a bit, and feel like there's a rock in my stomach.

Any suggestions? I would be SO grateful for any tips/advice/anything!

Thank you!
macvsog responded:
I have had Celiac since around 1994-95. I have also studied it a lot since then. I also have now in addition to Celiac, Diabetes "Type 1, Adult onset". Nothing like it before, just showed up one day with a glucose reading of 667.

My Doctor (Gastroentologist(sp?) told me that when it comes right down to it that both are "Autoimmune Diseases". So looking it like that should help you understand what has/is happening to you right now.

Are you on any meds for the Celiac Portion? Also, what type of Doctor diagnosed you, that is if I may ask?

How many days has it been between the day you were diagnosed and until now with the bowel problems you are having now? I'll check back later this evening or tommorrow afternoon for your answers
cj231959 responded:
Try getting your Gastro Doc to order a Gastric Emptying Scan. Look for Gastroparesis. I have all the symptoms you have, and a few more. You may just be starting out. I have had mine for 11 years now. Soon though you may not be able to swallow your own spit without throwing up. I couldn't even suck on hard candies, I wound up with a feeding tube for 7 years. Mine is idiopathic, most of the time people are Diabetic or have had a stomach operation. Small meals several times a day and stool softeners everyday help a lot. Good Luck
GMom04 responded:
I have similar symptoms.....I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis(?) ...not sure where you are from....but I have seen a gastro doctor at Jefferson hospital in Philadelphia....he does an endoscophy and injects botox into the valve that empties your stomach....which helps the stomach empty easier which helps process everything so constipation is alleviated. Hope this is helpful....I am also a diabetic...
truehealth responded:
Sorry to hear of your pain.
I've had these issues for 20 years (progressively worse).
Nothing helped.
Until I went a genius (naturpath/MD)
He was a medical doctor then switched to naturopathic.

Within 3 days I was 80% better.

It is now 6 months later and symptoms have been gone for 5 1/2 months!!

He has me on:
-full panel digestive enzymes (M7 by Naturpharm)
-probiotic (Seroyal HMF Forte)
-Lectin Lock
-Dairy Digest (Seroyal)
-peppermint natorpath drops

Eating includes:
any fruit
eggs (organic)
sirloin and steaks
chicken turkey
any fish (white or red)
yams, sweet potato and potato

No rice, pasta, dairy, breads or grains of any kind!

Pray for your full recovery!

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