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Passing blood in stool, is medical attention urgent?
asot1 posted:
I am 18 years of age, male, not overweight, I follow a high protein low carb diet and have suffered from mild constipation often before. For the last 5 days when I use the toilet I have (red/pink) blood on the toilet tissue and also often noticeable on the stool.

I ignored it until a few hours earlier when I got onto webmd to do some research, in my case I feel confident to rule out upper intestinal trauma because the blood is not black/tarry and sympton checker has also ignored this narrowing it to the following 4 options:
-Anal Fissure
-Colon Polyps

Because of mild constipation I feel hemorrhoids or anal fissure could be a possibility.

I feel safe to rule out proctitis because I do not and have never had foreign objects placed in the area and have no related sexual infections.

Colon polyps are the final possibility. Given my age and health this is unlikely but of course it is possible and these could have very serious consequences.

I am a little uncomfortable with having a doctor examine my digestive tract especially if it can be avoided so my question is as follows:
-Is it ok to immediately begin taking a fiber supplement twice daily and see if the problem heals itself or should I visit a doctor urgently.

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Should I see a doctor urgently or wait another 3-5 days and try and resolve the issue with a fiber supplement first?
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Christistheonlyway777 responded:
Sounds like a fissure may have started due to constipation. Not enough water, fruits and veggies. Are you drinking enough water? Drink lots of water, increase your fiber with fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole wheat. Also, I know this sounds uncomfortable, but have you felt for a hemhrroid? Personally, I would go see a Doctor. Not urgently but so they can assess the issue. Whether it is a fissure or a roid, you might be able to get help for it as soon as possible and have them healed. Fissures and roids can be symptoms of other issues. You can have both at the same time as well. Wait too long and they could get worse. You are still young. Get help now so you don't have to go through your life with a literal pain in the butt every day.
kjme11374 responded:
Get yourself to the doctor. Blood in stool could be many things, but its nothing to fool around with. Can you CALL your doctor?

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