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Saree802 posted:
Started when I was about 11 years old, diagnosed with Anemia severely had to have a blood transfusion. I am now 22 years old.
- When swallowing I have to push the outside of my throat to push food down
-Always feel like I have a rock or something stuck in the back of my throat when I swallow
-barely able to swallow soups, liquids at times
- when pregnant I was able to swallow MUCH better
-in the mornings when I wake, sometimes barely able to swallow my saliva
-have a clicking in the back of my throat when I swallow. The food, liquid, will get stuck in my throat, click, and then go down sometimes
-choke on everything and have to try & push it down
- sour & spicy things make my throat very hard to swallow due to my saliva becoming extremely thick
-I have no heart burn or issues with my stomach
- I cant even eat in public places, because of having to push my food down with 2 fingers on my throat, until I get it down
- I still have my tonsils
- I was researching & found out I may need to have an x-ray done
- I already had a scope through my nose to take a look around by an ear, nose & throat doctor but he found nothing
-if I get sick (nose is stopped up or something) it will become NEARLY impossible to swallow even soup. It gets stuck, then I have to push down. It will get stuck in the back of my throat, I push my throat and stretch my neck upward, and try to get it down.
** I am desperate for answers and feel so alone... does anyone know what this could be?**
Magsjeanea responded:
sorry that you have been having these types of problems. You need to go to a gastroenterologist first and then maybe follow that up with an endocrinologist to see if you have and autoimmune syndromes that cause severe thickening of the saliva. Have they every done a swallow study under floroscopy, have you had an MRI? Hope you can find some answers but unfortunately we are not to diagnose on the internet. and you wouldn't want some non professional telling you things they may no nothing about . Hope you feel better and can find the answers you are seeking.
Take good care,
Love Goes There,

Mag's Jeaneau

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