severe constipation
bebegurl91 posted:
I only have a bowel movement maybe once every 2 weeks. And it is almost impossible to pass it. I bleed and tear and it is extremely painful. And the bowel movements are small like wow why did that hurt. please help. i have an overactive thryroid is that the cause?
Magsjeanea responded:
The best thing that I found for my persistant constipation was adding 250mg of Magnesium 2 times a day along with 2 stool softeners 2 times a day. My GI said that it was great if it helped. I have a problem with Miralax it takes too much of it to even move me one day much less daily. You can always adjust the Magnesium and the stool softeners so that you do not get diarrhea. I hope that you find the answers that you are seeking.
Take good care.
Love Goes There,

Mag's Jeaneau