Burning pain to left of navel; diverticulitis, hernia, IBS?
Scelerata posted:
I'm a 21-year-old female. I've been having a very unique, reoccurring abdominal pain for almost two years now. It's a sharp, burning pain just to the left, and just slightly below, my navel. It flares up intermittently, usually accompanying emotional stress or periods of relatively prolonged--though not necessary strenuous--physical activity. A few times it's appeared if I have to strain particularly hard to empty my bowels. It feels sort of like there's a balloon attached to my colon, full of acid. Putting pressure on the area partially relieves it; the more pressure, the more relief. Sitting down helps too, but doesn't entirely relieve the pain.

I went to the ER once last year after it felt like the 'balloon' had burst; they took X-rays, found nothing of note, and told me I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I went in for a second opinion several months later; the doctor palpitated my abdomen a bit, and also told me it was IBS. I, however, and extremely skeptical. The pain is extremely localized; almost pinpoint, and always in the exact same spot. The WebMD Symptom Checker suggested Diverticulitis; my theatre ensemble swears I have a hernia. I'm getting really worried about the pain; it's gotten to the point that it occurs almost every day. I really want to know what's happening to me before it gets worse, but I'd like to have some sort of lead before returning to a doctor again lest I be turned away again with a seemingly thoughtless diagnosis of IBS. Has anyone else had these symptoms, and received a confirmed diagnosis?
LotaHossain responded:
I'd like to help you but I have had similar experiences and have not been able to get any help. If you do find out what it is and are able to get a proper course of treatment, please do let me know so that I may be tested and hopefully, treated as well.
Scelerata replied to LotaHossain's response:
After doing a bit of research, the prospect of a Spigelian hernia stands out. Do you, or anyone else here, know anything about this particular form of hernia?