Stool coming from vaginal area
An_243223 posted:
I woke up with stool coming from my vagina in the middle of the night. No pain, just abdominal cramping. The night before going to sleep I had vomited 3-4 times, but was feeling better prior to going to sleep. I called my family doctor who said I should go to the ER. They did a high contrast cat scan and sent me home, saying they didn't see any abnormalities. During my 5 hour stay in the ER, I had severe diarrhea, that did in fact come from my anus. I have a history of the previous surgeries: gastric bypass, 2 cesareans, gall bladder removal, leep procedure. I also had diverticulitis. My last surgey was my cesarean June 2011. The hospital referred me to a general surgeon, but I do not have health insurance. I guess I just need to know, should I be worried? I only had the stool come from the wrong are the one time, so far. Please give me your input/suggestions. Thank you!
An_243223 responded:
May or may not be related...but I sometimes get a very warm sensation under my rib cage that comes and goes as well...
calgal37 responded:
This is something that should be checked out further. They typical issue that can result in the presence of fecal material coming from the vaginal area is the presence of a fistula between the rectum and the vagina.