An_243503 posted:
Okay.... to give a little history I had my gallblader removed 2 years ago and obviously had the normal post op discomforts of fast bowel transit times foods not agreeing with me and so forth. Now fast forward, off and on for 1 to 2 week spans over the last several months I have had excessive gas pains / belching unrelieved with medication, diarrhea sometimes fatty, multiple trips to the bathroom per day (6-, dull and achy epigastric pain. Sometimes within minutes after eating a meal I have to go straight to the bathroom and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat.

This is becoming extremely frustrating and having a huge impact on my life. Any thoughts/tips will be greatly appreciated.
calgal37 responded:
When you say 'fatty' trips to the bathroom, do you mean you're seeing fatty/oily deposit on the toilet water? If so, you need to check with your doc and find out if you're experiencing fat malabsorption. That condition could be due to problems such as issues with the pancreas or in some cases celiac disease.

Are you following a low fat diet?