Diverticulosis Bouts
An_243654 posted:
I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis a year ago or so, I have had a few painful bouts but managed to get through them. Recently there more frequent and last longer, I have yet to see doctor on this yet. Is recurring bouts a sign of more serious issues? If a bout is painful enough to get me to ER what can they/will they do? I am a 48 year old male wondering what to do.. Not presently on meds for it either.

mike_n_robin responded:
hi mike,
I also have had many flair-ups of Diverticulosis over the past few years. In my case the paion was enough for me to goto the ER.
In my case tho i was always admitted for a few days to do the IV antibiatics as starting them at home never worked. well after 3 years and way to many hospital stays i had surgery done to remove the bad section . that was done on 11-17-11 and so far so good i think.. but i will tell ya watch what ya eat.. advoid nuts and seeds as they will make u have a flair up.
i hope that helps
mountainmama88312 replied to mike_n_robin's response:
My husband just had a lower bowel resection in Feb due to
diverticulosis. I was wondering how you were feeling and how long it took for you to start feeling better.
mike_n_robin replied to mountainmama88312's response:
well i had the surgery in Nov. and i am feeling better no more issues with the diverticulosis. i just seen the surgern yesterday and he gave me the boot soo to say. don't have to see im again unless i have a problem.
I am still havig issues with the stomach . the surgen told me i need to push the GI as there is still something not right.. he said maybe it's IBS.
i am going to be changing GI's here in about a week.so if anyone has any ifeas about what this might be i would love to hear them.. but i will say haveing been threw the surgery i would tell anyone that has had many bouts with it to think about it