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Fecal matter in appendix
sabbymama posted:
My daughter has had some pain in her abdomen and an ultrasound showed some material in her appendix, but no sign of pus or inflammation. The ultrasound tech says she has "chronic appendicitis". Her doctor wants to take a "wait and see" approach to see if the material frees itself and has advised that she be monitored closely. I am really torn about this as while I don't want her to have unneccessary surgery, I also don't want to deal with an emergency appendectomy either. I should mention that we live in a country with less than stellar health care options and are routinely medevaced to London for surgeries and major concerns.

My question is this--has anyone had such a diagnosis and did it resolve itself? Would simply removing the organ be wise and should I insist she to be sent to London? An expert opinion or any personal experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!
Medically_sound responded:
Hello Sabbymama

I am not a Medical Doctor. Although i am very well studied in medical science and my knowledge of past experiences with my friends and family of this condition.

The appendix is a none vital organ yet it does have a role to play in the human body ofcourse, it creates mucus which aids in the movement of fecal matter through the colon as well as providing assistance to the immune system.

Unfortunatly the appendix has a very underdeveloped muscle structure which in most cases means that when fecal matter gets stuck inside the appendix your chances of your appendix being able to eject the matter are very slim, depending on the matter its self and the time in which is has been there for.

Appendicitis can develope very quickly from 3 days to 10 days from non life threating to life threatening in a very short period of time.
If appendicitis occurs (in which the appendix becomes infected because of the blockage) the infection its self will cause sever pain and discomfort as well as the threat of the appendix bursting which is likely if the blockage has not been removed or the appendix is not removed.

You have a very short window in which to sort the problem out or run the risk of serious problems.

I would suggest that you have her checked every day for the next week, if there is improvement or the blockage dislodges then no surgery is required, but if the blockaged does not correct itself with in a 10 day period max. Surgery is the only option.

Day to day check ups and plenty of water, low starch diet high fibre and olive oil(raw) on toast(brown bread) or what ever suites could improve the odds of success with out surgery.

Good luck and God Bless.
katgottogo replied to Medically_sound's response:
Hello my daughter was at the ER last night DX with the same; fecal matter in her appendix; we went home last night and are to return today at noon. To see how her pain was over night without an antibiotic or pain med. As things stand right now she has all she can to bend over. Will they check her for 10 days?

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