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Sharp Stomach Pains After Eating
CarolynRenea posted:
I have consistently been getting sharp pains in my stomach after eating, especially breaded chicken or tacos and sandwiches. It is especially worse today. I get bloating and I am having some minor difficulty breathing. I am hunched over and my stomach feels like the muscles are having spasms so severe that are making my stomach feel like a tight ball. It's finally barely calming down after 2 hours...but I am still having a lot of difficulty. What should I do?
Side Note: I have Type 1 diabetes.

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I have been told it could be any of the following.
  • IBS
  • Gastroitis (sp?)
  • Celiacs
  • Kidney Stones
  • Ulcers
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chocsweethrt responded:
Carolyn I'm at the exact same point. Wednesday I was eating at Chili's (chicken crispers aka breaded chicken) and I instantly got such bad stomach spasms I just get upset during my meals. It's been this bad about a year. I used to just regurg since childhood, so I had a nissen fundoplication procedure a couple of years back. Anyway, point is I'm going to my gastro doctor ASAP just to confirm I'm not celiac, after a small intestine biopsy, and hope it's just a serious allergy/irritation to bread. I have recurring fatigue, iron deficiency, fibromyalgia, and more throught the year usually. It's too much...and for those reading who aren't losing rapid weight and have these symptoms, I still believe I'm close to being a ciliac even if the lbs aren't melting off. My irritation level to bread just may be different.

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