Constant Need to Defecate Causes Pain and Smell
JH2010 posted:
The muscles in my rectum don't seem to hold stool while its accumulating for a normal BM, so I constantly have waste dropping into my rectum. The result is I always feel the need to go to the bathroom, and usually smell like feces. I have 6-8 small BMs every day, that are usually hard to get out because there's not much to push out.

I'm negative on Chron's, colitis, parasites, and all food allergies. I don't have IBS, and it doesn't make much difference what I eat. I usually eat very healthy food just to keep up overall health. But when I do eat junk food I actually feel better because I feel constipated up in my bowels instead of having waste in my rectum.

Like I said I eat very healthy. Fiber1 with cranberries and skim milk for breakfast. No lunch. Chicken or turkey with vegetables for dinner. I take probiotics and multivitamins daily, am not overweight, jog four days a week, have never been outside the US, am straight and never have any kind of anal sex. I'm mostly very healthy.

I've seen people talk about similar problems on this site and others, but nobody has been able to give any information about what causes it or what to do about it.

I can't get help from doctors. All they say is I'm negative on the problems I listed and they tell me its just because I have high stress. I'm stressed because I'm sick, not sick because I'm stressed! Its not even stress related. Sometimes when I have high stress I feel better, and sometimes when I'm relaxing I feel worse.

Its gotten so bad I think I might want a colostomy just to not spend 3 hours a day in the bathroom and constantly worry about how I smell. Some people say you still smell with a colostomy, and other people say you don't. Can somebody please set the record straight? Can you live an ok life with a bag? Cause I'm not living now. Or if anyone has any solution better than major surgery, please help. I just turned 26 and I've been sick since I was 22. I can't take much more of this.

Anon_41776 responded:
Hi Johnny -

I am so sorry to hear about what you have been going through the last few years. Have you talked with a dietitian or nutritionist? They may be able to help develop a balanced nutrition plan to help ease some symptoms.

The members on our Crohn's & Colitis Community may be able to give you more information about living with a colostomy. Please also post your concerns there.

Please keep us posted and hope you find answers soon,