Unknown Illness
JasmineDeLude posted:
Hello, I just joined the community today because I have a pressing issue that my doctors have not been able to figure out. I have mild lactose intollerance. I have been tested for Ciliac disease and Chrones

Almost every day I have extreme nausea, I also get cramping. I am always either really constipated or have really bad diarrhea. I never have normal bowels. My biggest complaint is the extreme nausea all of the time. I take Phenagan for the nausea.

I have emetophobia, and anxiety disorder. ( I take klonopin as needed)

Does anyone have ideas on what could be wrong wtih me? I just need to know what to ask the doctor about. He thinks IBS but IBS does not cause nausea, and that is my largest complaint.

by the way I am not pregnant. Ideas please? and ty!

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calgal37 responded:
Have you been checked for intolerance/sensitivity to casein, the major protein in dairy? Many think they're lactose intolerance when the problem can be more extensive than that. It's an entirely different problem - and has a different mechanism of action - than that of problems with lactose. It can cause a variety of more extensive problems than that seen with lactose.