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Stomach Issues
shatteredshine posted:
For the past 5 months I've been in and out of hospitals. I have really bad nausea and I am limited to what I can eat. My doctors thought it was GERD at first but everything they gave me never helped the nausea. If anything, the omeprazole, sulcrafate, ranitidine, & protonix made me feel worse (constipated & it distended my stomach to an extreme). I can't drink soda, eat fatty foods or chocolate because it messes with my stomach & makes my symptoms 10 times as worse. Sometimes it gets so bad that even crackers or soup don't settle well in my stomach. On random occasions for no reason, I would get diarrhea followed by a couple of days of constipation. Every time I go back and tell my doctor she gives me anti nausea meds and to wait it out with the omeprazole. I'm tired of feeling nauseated & bloated all the time. They've done blood work and CAT scans and they say everything is fine. But I can't stress enough how much I don't. Sometimes I lay awake at night because the nausea is just so bad.

My eating habits probably consist of cereal or a bagel, muffin and milk in the morning. Sometimes, my stomach feels so bad that that's enough food for the entire day. Other times I eat a sandwich or chicken soup with wild rice.

I've gotten various allergy blood tests done (gluten, lactose, etc) & I've been tested for Celiac's, stomach ulcers, gallbladder issues, parasites and various colon problems but everything comes back negative.

I've been to a gastroenterologist but they can't find any problems either.
My doctor also ruled out IBS because of my stomachs reaction to greasy/fried foods.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this?
BlessedGrandmother2 responded:
I am going through the exact symptoms and currently going through test so far all negative, very frustrating since I do eat healthy lost weight etc. still more test to go with ggastroenterologist. I too have spent a fortune on OTC meds prilosec , zegrid, zantac everything I do have hiatal hernia but told to live with it??? I feel awful all the time. I hope we both find some relief. I feel for you and feel your frustration
calgal37 responded:
Shattered, hpw were you tested for gallbladder issues? What tests were done to check for celiac disease - which specific blood tests? If you were tested for celiac disease, what was your level of total IgA and IgA-gliadin?

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