IBS Questions
swing01 posted:
Hi, I've been having a couple problems for about a year that seem to just keep getting worse. First i'm lactose and intolerant. Which i discovered this year, now i have been throwing up about 3 times a month, and I wake up in that state. Normally I only get sick from the flu and thats rare. I do have gas almost on a daily basis. I also just started getting a gag reflex when I go to eat. Today I ate around 8 pm, and all my stomach wants to do is bring it back up, it's now 11:40. I have no insurance and I am planning on going to the doctor, but I feel like I need an Idea before I go. Thanks for the help.
calgal37 responded:
Are you staying away from all dairy in any form? How were you tested for lactose intolerance? Were you also tested for intolerance to casein, the major protein in dairy?